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Residenza VillAmour is a wonderful place for a holiday in the mountains, in summer as in winter, but it is also an ideal stop for one or two nights, to get away from the daily routine and enjoy moments of pleasant carefreeness. Near the hotel are the SkyWay of Mont Blanc and the Thermal Baths of Pré-Saint-Didier, unique attractions in Valle d’Aosta.

A return to the past by visiting the Roman city Aosta, ancient castles and Fort Bard. Moments of pure adrenaline with rafting descents along the Dora Baltea river that descends from the Mont Blanc snowfields through the whole valley. Physical activity that satisfies the view on the mountain trails on foot or by mountain bike with fabulous views through the woods up to the characteristic alpine refuges and the highest peaks. The exclusive golf club at Courmayeur in Val Ferret with its majestic view of the Mont Blanc glacier. Excursions between rural hamlets and the highest vineyards in Europe from which the renowned white wine of the Cave du Mont Blanc is produced.

Not far from the splendid ski resorts of Courmayeur where the breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc mountain range is incomparable, La Thuile connected with la Rosière in France and Pila overlooking the city of Aosta.

Terme di Pré

They represent the historic Valdigne factory with warm waters that have flowed from the heart of the mountain for a thousand years, wood and natural stone for saunas and pools, bright atmospheres of other times, for a total fit.


The cable car leads to 3,466 meters above sea level at Punta Helbronner, where you can find yourself 360 ° on the roof of Europe, to wander with all the senses in the immense blue and white of the eternal glaciers. With a diameter of 14 meters, the circular terrace offers an incomparable and unique view of the world.

Mountain bike

Along the proposed itineraries, the majesty of the scenarios is truly unique. It is possible to face excursions suitable for any capacity, from completely flat paths up to gradients with difficulty red / black.


On board rafts, accompanied by the guide, we start to discover the river going down through exciting rapids completely immersed in nature. Seeing the Dora from inside is an adrenaline-filled experience, unforgettable to try.

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Alpine skiing and snowboarding

Courmayeur: one hundred kilometers, on the slopes and off-piste, on perfectly groomed pistes or on still virgin descents after the last snowfall. On skis or snowboards, at the foot of the highest mountain in Europe. This is the district of Courmayeur, the sunny side of Mont Blanc.

La Thuile: skiing between Italy and France in the presence of Mont Blanc and the glacier of the Ruitor. Emotion and fill your eyes with the beauty of these places to never forget them. Always a reference point for lovers of skiing in adults spaces, La Thuile is part of the Espace San Bernardo International District. One international skipass allows connection with the French ski resort of La Rosière and allows you to ski on 80 slopes, for 160 km distributed on both sides.

Pila: the attic on the city of Aosta, a valley full of fir and larch woods, Pila is one perfectly equipped ski resort for sporting and social entertainment.

Nordic skiing

Courmayeur: magnificent slopes for cross-country skiers in the enchanting setting of Val Ferret at the foot of the Mont Blanc massif. For Nordic skiing it is necessary to reach Planpincieux (1580 meters), from which the slopes run, which wind along the entire valley to the town of Lavachey. The tracks, always marked and groomed, provide many deviations, which allow you to change the basic itineraries, covering tours of different lengths, for a total of about 20 km, on a terrain particularly suitable for this sport. Along the way you will find bars, restaurants, assistance service for skiers with ski and wax hire and a ski school.

Morgex: seven kilometers from Morgex, along the road to Colle San Carlo, opens the beautiful Arpy valley, with fir and larch woods, the crystalline stream, the village made of stone houses, the eighteenth-century chapel and the glorious mining past of which the attentive observer still reads traces on the territory. All this is the setting for the track of the cross-country track that develops over several tours from 2 to 7.5 km and which hosts, every year, regional and national competitions. The starting point and arrival point is the Foyer de Fond, located in the Arpy Hostel, where changing rooms, showers, ski rooms, a bar and restaurant are available. A special focus is dedicated to children who find an indoor play area and an outdoor area, reserved for descents with bobsleds and sleds.

Cogne: it is the Aosta Valley cross-country queen. The tracks wind through the peaks of Grivola and Gran Paradiso for 80 km, crossing the villages of Epinel, Lillaz, Valnontey in the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park. The variety of the tracks and the different lengths of the tracks can satisfy any technical level.

Valle d'Aosta

Summer excursions

Lake d’Arpy: Location: Morgex; Altitude: 2,071 mt .; Departure: Colle San Carlo; Duration of trip: about 1h00; Description of the route: on the road to the Colle di San Carlo, take the dirt road in front of the Hotel Genzianella with the n. 15 which, in moderate inclination, developing within a mixed wood of firs and larches, allows you to reach Lake Arpy.

Col Fetita: Location: La Salle; Altitude: 2,556 meters; Departure: Challancin; Duration / Ascent: about 3h15; Description of the route: leave the car in Challancin, in the municipality of La Salle and cross the small village. Take the road closed to traffic, first paved then dirt, up to the huts of Ponteille. Continue on the right to the Les Ors Désot mountain pasture. From here follow the path n. 3, line loc. Ors Damon and keep right and merge onto the farm road until the Tramail des Ors pasture. Rising among the pastures you reach the Col Fetita.

Licony Lake: Location: La Salle; Altitude 2.555 mt .; Departure: Planaval; Duration / Ascent: about 3h30; Description of the route: leave the car in the hamlet. Planaval, in the municipality of La Salle and follow the path number 21. After about 2 hours walk you get to the village of Licony, very beautiful and characteristic, with some farmhouses and a small church. Those who feel satisfied with the walk can stop in the valley (from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama with Mount Grivola and Gran Paradiso in the background) at an altitude of 1880 meters. To reach the lake follow the yellow marked trails. The Licony is the largest Italian lake over 2000 m altitude. From here you can see the Gran Rochère.

Rifugio Bertone: Location: Courmayeur; Departure: Villair damon; Altitude: 1,989 meters.

Walter Bonatti Refuge: Location: Courmayeur; Departure: Planpencieux – Val Ferret; Altitude: 2.025 mt.

Rifugio Elena: Location: Courmayeur; Departure: Arp Nouvaz – Val Ferret; Altitude: 2,062 mt.

Elisabetta refuge: Location: Courmayeur; Departure: Plan Lognan – Val Veny; Altitude: 2.195 mt.